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SDL and the semantic web initiave

The SDL semantic model for descriptive metadata
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Presentation at the Italian Research Conference on Digital Libraries (IRCDL) 2015
pdf preprint download at Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

The SDL's semantic model(SDL-SM) summarizes the concepts that were specified for the implementation by the SDL MODS profile.

  • it represents the set of concepts laying the knowledge domain related to the descriptive metadata, used by SDL project;
  • it is meant to be agnostic about the technology system that will be implemented;
  • it can be used as top level conceptual reference model, for implementing Semantic Web technologies;
  • it can be considered as the reference model not only for developers, but also for domain experts.

The pre-condition for re-using the concepts, defined in this model, is the acceptance of the core principles of the Semantic Web and the W3C Best Practices for Publishing Linked Data.

The use of specific policies for identifying the SDL's resources and entities is considered the point of reference for assigning the URI to the semantic concepts.

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